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The grind never stops

Been a busy last few months! without the aid of internet, editing my books is hard, but at least I started book 3!

snippet time

Quick backstory, the city of Lockwell has just been destroyed. Everyone has died and Ian wishes to find his father’s body.


“There is a small outpost due east of Lockwell,” Ian continued. “We can stop there afterwards.”

Ara closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Your father,” she whispered. “Are you not afraid of what you will find?”

For a moment a second, Ara thought she saw the glistening sparkle of a tear forming in the corners of his eyes.

Ian inclined his head. “You no longer have a loving father, but if Sephron were to die, would you choose to visit his grave, or would you pass up the chance and live with that choice for the rest of your life?” he asked.

Ara opened her mouth to reply, but no words came out. Yes, absolutely, she wanted to say, but something held her back. An image of a graveyard came to mind; a green, pleasant hill, planted with decadent trees bearing sweet fruit. The warm sun shone down on handsomely carved headstones in well-groomed grass orderly placed in neat rows. Beautiful images and lettering was engraved on each stone, telling of short, brief tales of the loved one resting peacefully below. But then the shadow of a dark cloud enveloped the scenery. The trees turned to rubble, and the graves became bare, grisly skeletons.

Ara shivered. “Alright,” she whispered. “We will go to Lockwell.”

“Good,” Ian replied, and then stood up. “There’s something I want to pick up from my father, anyways.”

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