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Make a new tradition

Every year I participate in a herring roe-on-kelp fishery. Its a silly fishery, and every year I try to go for a swim. 2021 was no exception, EXCEPT I got paid $100.

Partial nudity, even though shorts are much larger than the Speedo I wore in college. Yes, there is a rubber dingy next to me in case I decide to drown. The water was about 40 degrees, and it was snowing that day.

Because the weather was so terrible in 2021, here's the sun fun from 2020.

Yearly pep talk amongst Norwegian fishermen. "Fish . . . in . . . net . . . good."

Work hard, play hard.

Over 100,000lbs of fishies. After spawning, we let them all go.

The group is never complete without a dog.

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